All models are built to be light weight and towable.

Easy Sleeping

Stand up-right and change.  Be comfortable in your bedroom.

Easy Living

Spend your life enjoying the things that matter most.

quality construction

Each custom Indigo River Home is a unique and custom creation in itself. But it goes far past the aesthetic design. The quality of construction is equally, if not more, important to us as the design and overall look of all our custom tiny homes. From the way we build it to the construction materials we use, we go above and beyond to ensure that each tiny house is second to none.

Interior Design

However unique they may be, each Indigo River tiny home has a similarity: unmatched quality and beauty. The level of attention and detail that goes into each interior can only be felt when you step inside. Our finish carpenters, welders, tile setters and countless other skilled trades work together to create what many have called ‘fine artwork’.



This form will help you plan your budget and give us the information we need to start planning your tiny house build.


Below is a VIEW ONLY google doc.  You have to download a copy. Click File > Download As. Fill out the form and email it back to us at indigorivertiny@gmail.com and we can work up a quote for you. So let's get started!

Jump in and go tiny!

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