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All about NOAH Certification

Indigo River Tiny Homes has recently been certified as a registered NOAH builder.

At Indigo River Tiny Homes, we take pride in our products. We are dedicated to building the best possible tiny homes for our customers. A lot goes into building quality tiny homes. 

You may have seen on our website that our tiny houses are NOAH-certified. But what does that really mean? Today, we break down what NOAH certification is and what it means for our tiny homes.


What is NOAH?

The National Organization of Alternative Housing has been around since 2015. They are dedicated to uniting the tiny house community and helping protect everyone from manufacturers to DIYers to lenders. 

NOAH doesn't just slap on a sticker at the completion of a tiny home. They take their certification seriously. They inspect each tiny home at different stages of construction. 

They inspect early on when the tiny home is just a foundation or a base on a trailer. The next stage of inspection is the Attachment Systems and Framing, followed by the All-Trades. That's the fancy word for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

Finally, to get the NOAH seal of approval, they inspect the tiny home upon completion. This is when they make sure the insulation is up-to-code.


The NOAH Standard

The NOAH website talks a lot about the NOAH Standard. You can view the full standard here. But we're going to give you a brief overview of what the NOAH Standard is all about.

The NOAH Standard for Tiny Houses On Wheels (THOW) defines a tiny home as 70-400 square feet of first floor living space. That does not include any lofts. A THOW must include all functional living spaces. That means a sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom.

The NOAH standard also checks for code compliance from several nationally accredited organizations, including fire protection and electrical standards. 

A NOAH-certified home can withstand some major weather and natural disasters. NOAH sets requirements for withstanding hurricane winds, heavy snowfall, and earthquakes rated up to 6.5. 

The rest of the NOAH standard sets requirements for moisture barriers, insulation, and exits for safety. All windows must be double-pane. Every sleeping area must have a primary and secondary means of egress, or exit.


What Does This Mean For You?

Because every Indigo River Tiny Home is NOAH-certified, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality tiny home. Third-party inspection is important no matter where you live. The NOAH Standard allows you to have the security you deserve in your home.

For more information about NOAH, visit their website. To check out our tiny home models, click here!

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