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CHUY'S HOUSE Homesteader Deluxe

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

#IRTHome26 has been christened "Chuy's House." Dimensions: 32' L x 10' W x 13.5' H This #THOW has many of the features you've come to know in all of our Homesteaders:

  • Stand-Up Loft for the Master Bedroom that accommodates anyone 6'4" or shorter

  • Full-Size Wardrobe in the Master

  • Custom Built Storage Staircase with standard treads and beautiful wood banister

  • Classic Loft for additional sleeping, office, living or storage space

  • Large Bathroom with a Pocket Door plus a Laundry Nook under the landing

  • Spacious Kitchen with plenty of counter space, custom cabinetry, paint & custom shelving

  • Living Area with plenty of room for a convertible sofa and lots of LIVING

  • Smartside Siding with an immaculate paint job

  • Interior Walls made of real wood for a natural, cozy feel

  • Vinyl Plank flooring for water-proof durability

  • 38 Gallon Electric Water Heater

  • Flush Toilet and standard RV hook-ups for water & sewage

  • 50 amp RV style electrical hook-up

  • Mr. Cool AC & Heat + a groovy ceiling fan and ventilation considerations built into the design

  • Custom Trailer with a generous weight rating so the home/load stays well below the max

And this home also includes many upgrades:

  • Exterior Cedar Accents + Stain

  • Deluxe Loft Upgrades including an L-shaped Landing to access the bed from 2 sides, extra Full-Size Wardrobe, extra Window & Custom Storage Bench Window Seat. This upgrade also allows for generous exterior storage under the extra landing space

  • 10 ft. wide trailer allowing for a King-Sized Bed in the Master

  • Custom Built "Backstairs" leading to the Classic Loft with standard treads & storage throughout

  • Kitchen upgrades: Penninsula extension for extra lower Cabinets, Shelves & Counter Space, Full-Size Refrigerator, 24' Oven, 4 Burner Propane Cooktop, Custom built Full-Size Sliding Pantry, Built-In Microwave/Vent Hood

  • "Mason Jar" wall sconces throughout

  • TV mounts in the Master and the Living Area

  • Live-edge wood bar that pops up for dining and down for extra space

  • Extra Large Laundry Nook for Full-Size Washer/Dryer

  • Beautiful Tile Work & Glass Doors in the Shower

  • Larger Vanity + Lighted Mirror

Enjoy the photos of our latest addition to the IRTH family! Click on a photo to view it larger:

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