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Indigo River: approved builder for Shaye's Tiny Home Designs

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

IRTH is bringing New Zeland tiny home designs to Texas!

We can build any of Shaye's designs

(modified to fit U.S. trailer requirements) with delivery all over in North America.

Below are some of Shaye's most popular models that Indigo River can build here in Texas.

Finished home price will depend upon the details & finishes you choose for your build.

Click on a model for more photos & video. Contact us for pricing.


"Hazel" by Shaye's Tiny Homes

2 stand-up lofts with a large kitchen at the end & living room in the middle.


"Ashleigh" by Shaye's Tiny Homes

3 Tiny Home Units for up to 1200 sq. ft. of "all one level" living.


"Sophie" by Shaye's Tiny Homes

2 stand-up lofts with a large kitchen in the middle & living room on the end.

Plus any other Models
you see on Shaye's website!

For a personalized quote,

contact us today!


Can't wait for a custom build?

Check out the move-in-ready homes currently for sale!


Try before you buy!

Book a stay in an #IRTHoriginal Tiny Home:


Getting ready to GO TINY?

Get a jump on your research with IRTH University Zoom Classes!

Learn how Indigo River builds
the best custom THOWs in Texas!

We host build workshops periodically and we offer part-time or full-time

Tiny Home Building Apprenticeships.


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