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"We absolutely loved our experience with Indigo River Tiny Homes! Peter, his family and his employees are wonderful. We got everything we asked for and they made themselves available to help us with settling into our tiny home and answering the numerous questions we had after we took delivery. We had a slight issue with our mini split dripping water and Peter quickly sent an A/C tech out to us who fixed the issue. Thank you Indigo River!" - Janessa H.


Stand-Up Bedrooms
Make Sleeping & Dressing Easy!

 No more crawling to bed on hands and knees!
Our Stand-Up Lofts accommodate humans 6'4" & shorter.

Stand up beside your bed and by your wardrobe to get dressed in comfort.

The Bunkhouse requires a minimum 28' trailer length to accommodate
3 bedrooms, a bath, living area & kitchen. 

The Deluxe upgrade gives you an L shaped landing to access 2 sides of the bed, an extra wardrobe, extra window + window seat with storage
PLUS an extra 4' x 9.5' exterior storage space under the landing.

Start with a 32' trailer to accommodate the Deluxe upgrade on one of the Stand-Up Lofts.

3 Bedroom

36' Bunkhouse Deluxe -  3BR.png

4 Bedroom

43' Bunkhouse_Entertainer - Floor Plan 4BR.png

These are floor plan examples.

We are a fully custom builder so we can accommodate
most design/layout changes the customer requests.

We are in the process of building the above floor plans
so photos are coming soon!

Take a Tour of a


36’ Bunkhouse Deluxe Floor Plan - 3 Stand Up Bedrooms, 4 wardrobes, 2 drop down desks and a large bathroom make this layout perfect for larger families.


Bunkhouse Floor Plan - Description Coming Soon!

Click here to explore pricing on a Bunkhouse
+ upgrades
to make it your own.
Check out financing options with a bank that's familiar with Tiny Home Lending:
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