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"We absolutely loved our experience with Indigo River Tiny Homes! Peter, his family and his employees are wonderful. We got everything we asked for and they made themselves available to help us with settling into our tiny home and answering the numerous questions we had after we took delivery. We had a slight issue with our mini split dripping water and Peter quickly sent an A/C tech out to us who fixed the issue. Thank you Indigo River!" - Janessa H.

Cash Payment Schedule
& Down Payment Assistance

how much Tiny House can I Afford?

Below we've linked to the most robust FREE LOAN CALCULATORS we've ever seen!

Start with the Mortgage Calculator
and/or the Affordability Calculator at this link.


Then use our PRICING CALCULATOR to shop for the home that will fit your needs & budget.

When you're ready to apply for financing, choose FLOOR PLAN APPOINTMENT under NEXT STEPS on the Pricing Calculator and we will contact you to schedule a Zoom Meeting to:

  • discuss all the details for your home

  • layout your floor plan 

  • build a personalized quote you can literally take to the bank!

Still Have questions?

How do I use a Loan Calculator?
What "Extras" do I need to budget for?

We cover all these answers and more in our Tiny House University class on
Financial Preparations for a Tiny Home

  • In this 90 minute class we start with the different types of Tiny Homes and the various expenses associated with each type.

  • We move through the process of researching builders, lenders and delivery companies as well as, how much to DIY and when to leave it to the professionals.

  • Next we show you how to use the Loan Calculators for different financial scenarios and how to plug the results into our Tiny Home Pricing Calculator.



Below are several Lenders that can help you

achieve your Tiny Dreams!
Interest rates are as low as 6.5% and payment terms are up to 23 years,

depending on your credit score and down payment amount.

You can also use the lender of your choice!


Our Tiny Homes on Wheels are registered with your state of residence as a travel trailer,
so RV Loans & personal loans from your favorite bank or credit union might work.


Let the banks know there is a demand for Tiny Home Loans!
Ask your bank about a Personal Loan or an RV Loan for

a "luxury travel trailer" in the price range of an AirStream.

21st mortgage Corporation


We are partnered with Little Homes of Texas to provide financing thru 21st Mortgage.

- Down payment as low as 10% with 650+ credit score

  (higher down payment with lower credit score)

- Loan term up to 23 years

- Land/home loans also available

Contact Saleem Malik for info:

936.582.0047    or

Liberty Bank of Utah

Liberty Bank Logo.jpg

Liberty has a growing Tiny House Division and they are eager to do business with you!

Light Stream

LightStream Logo.jpg

Light Stream offers Personal Loans for those with EXCELLENT credit.

Bullish Bob Bagley
Securities, Inc.

Bullish Bob Bagley.png

Bob is a securities broker that makes loans at very competitive rates. Currently his rates are between 6.4% - 6.83%

He accepts Stocks/Mutual Funds as collateral.

Visit his website to read more about this lending option and contact his office:

Payment Schedule
Cash Customers

cash clip art.png
  • 20% Down to reserve your spot in our build schedule & order your custom THOW trailer

  • 30% 6 - 8 weeks after down payment - when trailer arrives & framing begins

  • 30% 2 - 3 months later - when house is "dried-in"

  • 20% 2 - 5 months later - when house is complete

Down-payment assistance


matching Grant Program
Operation Tiny Home 
could match
your down payment
up to $12,000!

To qualify* for the grant someone in your household must be a

community hero


struggling with hardship.

*Operation Tiny Home Grant criteria changes depending on 

the qualification requirements set by their current funding partners.

Step 1 is to check with OTH to make sure you qualify

under their most current funding options. 


You can also get on their mailing list for notification when more funding comes through

for the next round of grants.

Examples of past Grant Qualification include:

  • Military or Veteran Status

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Fighter

  • Emergency Medical Personnel

  • Pre-K - 12th Grade Teachers

  • Lives in an area that was affected by a hurricane, wildfire, flooding or any other natural disaster

  • Illness

  • Aging out of Foster Care

  • Disability

  • Surviving Spouse of a Military Member or Public Protector

  • Directly Impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Other community hero or harship


Additional qualifications:

  • Your tiny home must be your primary residence for at least 3 years

  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident

Next steps:

  1. Check with Operation Tiny Home to see if you qualify under their current funders' criteria.

  2. Submit a Tiny House Planning Tool to Indigo River to estimate the cost for your home 

    (write in the notes section that you are a candidate for the down payment matching grant)

  3. Get pre-approved for your estimated loan amount minus your cash down payment & the matching grant. Maximum amount is $12,000. So if you save up a $10,000 down payment OTH will match $10,000.

  4. Schedule a call with an Indigo River Tiny Home Specialist to finalize your floor plan & price. (Choose "phone consult" on your Tiny House Planning Tool and we will contact you to get you on our calendar.)

  5. Indigo River will send the pertinent info to OTH for grant consideration. 

  6. OTH will then contact you for more information to complete the application.

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