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10 Tiny Home Shows Featuring Indigo River Homeowners

Updated: Jan 1


Looking for a Tiny Home show to binge?

Some of the top Tiny Home Channels have featured our homes

and now we have a whole "season" of shows featuring Indigo River!

Get an inside look at 10 "lived-in" #IRTHoriginal tiny homes

and hear the homeowners' stories!


Many thanks to our precious customers

who are so open & brave about sharing their lives with the world!


36' x 8.5' Bunkhouse Floor Plan "Tia"

44' x 8.5' Rambler Floor Plan

32' x 10' Homesteader Floor Plan

32' x 8.5' Pioneer Floor Plan

32' x 8.5' Entertainer Floor Plan

36' x 8.5' Bunkhouse Floor Plan

28' x 8.5' Rambler Floor Plan

34' x 8.5' Homesteader Floor Plan

32' x 8.5' Homesteader Floor Plan

This home is currently for sale. Click through to see the listing for the home.

32' x 8.5' Entertainer Floor Plan


Building Plans

DIY an IRTH Original Design

or ask your favorite builder

to build it for you!

to purchase building plans for one of our homes

or discuss custom plans drawn to your specifications.

(We are working to get all the plans for the homes we have built uploaded here.)


Can't wait for a custom build?

Check out the move-in-ready homes currently for sale!


Try before you buy!

Book a stay in an Indigo River Tiny Home:


Getting ready to GO TINY?

Get a jump on your research with IRTH University Zoom Classes!

Learn how Indigo River builds
the best custom THOWs in Texas!

We host build workshops periodically and we offer part-time or full-time

Tiny Home Building Apprenticeships.


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