Frequently asked questions

Are your tiny houses RVIA or NOAH certified?

Yes, all of our move-in-ready homes are RVIA Certified.

We also offer NOAH certification (National Organization of Alternative Housing) on our homes for an additional fee.

NOAH certification is a higher building standard than RVIA and is excellent for maintaining a higher resale value. NOAH inspects each home at 5 different stages of construction and keeps videos of the inspections on file on their website. Potential buyers can view these inspections to see the high quality of the build and that everything was built to code.

NOAH also certifies Tiny House Shells.
(RVIA will not certify a partial build.)
For a shell, NOAH will perform some of the inspections with Indigo River during our portion of the build. Once you take over construction, you will contact NOAH to perform the remaining inspections at your location.
You can find more info on their website:

How much do your homes cost?

The first thing to be aware of when considering us as your builder is that we build on the highest quality custom trailers with the sturdiest building materials & construction practices. All of our homes are towable but we use the same (or better) materials & building practices that you would find in a traditional custom home built on a foundation.* So our homes are built to last and we never sacrifice quality or rush the process. Due to the hyper-inflation of building materials (with some materials prices tripling and even quadrupling) home prices have increased significantly since the pre-covid days. This is an unfortunate side effect of recent events but we will continue to use high-quality materials even if they cost more and we are continuing to produce the highest quality product possible. *We are NOT a manufactured home factory and we do NOT use mobile home quality materials or building practices and so our prices reflect the high quality of our homes.

Click on the link below to choose from our most popular sizes & customizations for an estimate of what your Move-In-Ready home will cost: Design Your Move-In-Ready Home Click on this link to request an estimate for a Tiny House Shell that you complete yourself:
DIY Shell Estimate Request

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we currently have relationships with 3 banks that are familiar with Tiny House lending.

You can get more information and apply online by clicking on our financing tab.

Can you build totally custom tiny houses?

YES! Click here: Contact US to let us know what you have in mind. We will be glad to discuss your project with you!

Click here: For info on a Do It Yourself Tiny House Shell

What size homes do you offer?

We currently build in 2 widths:
8'6" or 10' wide
Both are road legal and towable without a CDL.
You can use a 3/4 ton or 1-ton pickup to pull all of our homes.

16' 20' 24' 28' 32' and 36'
You can also add a Gooseneck trailer extension which adds 7' to each length above.

Most of our homes are 13'6" tall (measured from the ground) which is the maximum road legal height.
We also offer an 11' tall option in our Indigo Go Model

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow my tiny house?

A standard pickup like an F150 or C1500 might be able to pull a 16' home but it would have a hard time pulling a 20' home, even if it is within the towing capacity.

Remember, these homes have a lot of surface area and therefore a lot of wind resistance.
We highly recommend you use a diesel 3/4 ton truck (F250, C2500, or the equivalent) to pull our 20' & 24' houses. You'll need a 1 ton truck (F350, C3500, or equivalent) for the 28' and larger homes.

If you plan to move your house infrequently, it's more economical to rent these bigger pickups from Enterprise. You can also hire companies to move your house.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery within 50 miles of our shop is currently $750. (Prices subject to change without notice.) For delivery beyond 50 miles there is an additional per-mile charge depending on the size of the home. (Currently $3-$5 per mile.)

Once on site we can assist with hooking up the home to existing utilities, skirting and/or anchoring your home for an additional fee.

Can you go off-grid in an Indigo River Tiny Home?


Our standard models are designed to be 100% grid-tied. They come with 50-Amp RV power connection, city water connection, and RV sewer line connection.
Off-grid options such as water holding tanks, solar power, rain catchment, alternative toilets & propane cooking are available as upgrades.

Can I tour an Indigo River Tiny Home in person?

Yes, but we are a small custom builder so we don't have an inventory of models or a showroom. Everything we build is sold before we begin construction.

Each time we finish a home, we usually have an Open House to show it off before it's delivered to the homeowner. Occasionally we take one of our homes to a tiny house show or festival.

Our Open Houses happen about once a month.
We do private tours of our shop by appointment after a phone consultation.

Generally, we have 3-4 homes on-site in various stages of construction that visitors can tour to get a feel for the quality of our work.
Our EVENTS page has a calendar where you can RSVP for upcoming Open Houses or Tiny House Shows.

For private tours, CONTACT US to set up a phone or zoom consultation to discuss if we are the right builder for you. From there, we can set up an appointment to tour our current projects.

Where can I park my tiny house?

New places open up every month as cities and RV parks become more tiny-house -friendly. The short answer: You can park a tiny house on wheels (THOW) anywhere you can park an RV.

Our homes are legally considered Travel Trailers with a VIN and license tag, so they fall into the same category for parking.

There is a map of places to park in and around DFW at this site: In Texas, you can generally live in Tiny Homes on Wheels on private property outside of the city limits (with the exceptions of Austin and the city of Lake Dallas). Other cities are currently revising their laws so we recommend reading the zoning laws for your property or consulting a realtor to help determine the legality of a property you are considering purchasing.

For places to park close to the city limits:
See the map at the above link
join Tiny House networking groups to get the latest crowd-sourced information on the topic.

The DFW networking groups we recommend are:
DFW Tiny House Community on Facebook: and
DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts on For THOW parking resources across the U.S. this is a great article full of links:

How long does it take to build a home with Indigo River?

Currently, a move-in-ready home is estimated to take 6 - 9 months from the down payment to completion.

A shell could be completed in 4 - 7 months depending on the level of finish out you desire.

Can I order a Tiny House Shell that I complete myself?

Yes we offer Do It Yourself Shells.

To see the shell sizes & options and/or to request a pricing estimate click here.

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