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2024 Festival Dates Coming Soon!


gather & create

A Texas Tiny Home Festival


About - Gather & Create


Why "Gather & Create?"

At Indigo River, we know that cultivating Community & Creativity will help us solve most (if not all!) of the challenges facing humans & the world today. 


Our company's long-term goals include supporting the Tiny Living & DIY communities in DFW so this spring we are creating a space where folks can gather to 

  • share ideas

  • facilitate collaborative relationships

  • investigate alternative options for living our best lives individually & collectively

We hope you can join us in May!

❤️ Peter, Christina & Team IRTH ❤️

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We named "Gather & Create" after song lyrics by some of our favorite musicians, Nahko Bear & Medicine for the People:

      "And they sang:

      Don't waste your hate.

      Rather, gather and create.

      Be of service. 

      Be a sensible person.

      Use your words & don't be nervous.

      You can do this.

      You've got purpose.

      Find your medicine & use it."

Many thanks to the Festival's
Community Partners:

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The Venue

Southfork's Address
3700 Hogge Dr,
Parker, TX 75002

Public Parking Lot
Enter at Gate 5

Southfork Ranch has the PERFECT facilities for a Tiny House Festival!
Click "The Venue" for more photos & info about this iconic Dallas landmark where we will Gather & Create
May 6 & 7, 2023!


Gather & Create with Us!

Join us @ Southfork Ranch May 6&7, 2023!

Advance Tickets

All tickets include: Free Parking + Access to all Festival Activities + Discounted Tours of the Southfork Grounds & Mansion used in the Dallas TV Series + the Museum of Show Artifacts & Memorabilia

  • $14 Weekend Pass

  • $12 Weekend Pass for Seniors, Veterans, Students, Teachers & First Responders 

  • $9 Single Day Pass

  • $87 GO Tiny! VIP Tours + Weekend Pass

  • FREE Kid's Pass for Children Under 13

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Can't make it to the Festival this year?
Join us for the Podcast where we interview Festival Contributors, Tiny Home Experts & take your questions LIVE

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Pass - Gather & Create


Saturday & Sunday
May 6 & 7

9am - 10am

10am - 5pm

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May 6

5pm - 7pm

  • VIP Happy Hour & Networking Opportunity
    (By Invitation Only - For Festival Contributors & Volunteers)

Stage Schedules are published!

Schedule - Gather & Create

frequently asked

  • Where can I put a Tiny Home?
    This is such a complicated subject that we devoted a whole class to it during IRTH University. In the class we cover all types of tiny homes. You can register for that class or the whole series here. Once you register you'll have instant access to the video(s): Below you'll find particulars about parking a home build by Indigo River: The short answer for homes on wheels or on foundation: You can park one of our Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs) anywhere you can park an RV or "travel trailer." New parking places for rent are opening up every month as cities and RV parks become more tiny house friendly. Parking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: A local Tiny Home Enthusiast has put together a map of Tiny House Villages and Tiny House friendly RV parks in & around the metroplex. Find the map at this site: and consider purchasing some of her Tiny Living merchandise to support the website maintenance! Tiny Homes on a Foundation: Indigo River can build a tiny home that is delivered on skids and placed on a prepared foundation on your property. Check the local zoning restrictions for your property (consult a Realtor or Lawyer for assistance reading & interpreting the zoning for your property) and then Contact Us to discuss your project. The long answer for homes on wheels: Indigo River's Tiny Homes on Wheels are legally considered Travel Trailers with a VIN and license tag, so they fall into the Travel Trailer category for parking laws. In Texas, the laws are such that you can generally live fulltime in Tiny Homes on Wheels on any private property that is outside of city limits. (As well as the above spots for rent in existing Tiny House or RV developments.) Inside the city limits in Texas you may generally park your THOW on your property and use it as a guest house or office as long as nobody is living in it full time. (Check your local ordinances & any homeowners' associations to be sure. This information should NOT be considered legal advice.) Despite these restrictions some THOW owners are parking in back yards "under the radar" as long as their neighbors are amenable or their back yard is private enough. Exceptions to these rules are cities like Austin and the city of Lake Dallas (a suburb of Dallas). These municipalities have changed their laws to allow full-time living in Tiny Homes on Wheels inside the city limits. More TX cities are looking at this option, so we expect this list of cities to grow. Other cities across the US (like Los Angeles & many towns in California) are also slowly revising their laws to allow for THOWs so we recommend reading the zoning laws for your property or consulting a realtor to help determine the legal status of Tiny Home Dwelling for any property you are considering purchasing. For more private parking options & grass roots organizing of real-estate co-ops, join your local Tiny House networking groups to get the latest crowd-sourced information on the topic and join with other Tiny Homeowners to create parking spaces and petition your local government to change restrictions. The DFW networking groups we recommend are: DFW Tiny House Community on Facebook: and DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts on For THOW parking resources across the U.S. this is a great article full of links:
  • Can I tour an Indigo River Tiny Home in person?
    Yes, but we are a small, family-owned business so we don't have a large inventory of models or a showroom lot. Generally, we have 3-4 homes on-site in various stages of construction that visitors can tour to get a feel for the quality of our work. Sometimes we have finished homes available for sale by owner. Sometimes those homes were built by Indigo River and sometimes they were built by another Tiny Home Builder. View our current inventory here. Each time we finish a home, we have an Open House to show it off before it's delivered to the homeowner. Occasionally we take one of our homes to a larger tiny house show or festival. Our Open Houses happen about every 6 weeks or so and we limit the guest list to keep the crowds reasonable. Click on our EVENTS page to RSVP and save your spot for Open Houses or Tiny House Shows already on our calendar. Subscribe to our email list for invitations to future shows & festivals. We do private tours of our shop by appointment after a phone consultation. Fill our our Tiny House Planning Tool to set up a phone or zoom consult to get all of your questions answered & discuss if we are the right builder for you. When you fill out this form you will receive an automated email titled: "Everything you need to know about building with Indigo River" so check spam if this doesn't show up in your inbox within a few minutes of submitting your info. You can also email us any drawings or plans you would like us to consider building. Contact us here to start the conversation. After discussing your project, we can set up an appointment for a private tour of our shop & our current builds.
  • Are your Tiny Homes certified?
    Yes, we build high-quality homes that can be certified 2 different ways. All of our move-in-ready homes are RVIA Certified. Learn more on their website: And we actually build to a higher standard than what RVIA requires, so our homes can also be certified by NOAH (National Organization of Alternative Housing). All of our homes are built to this higher standard (ANSI A119.5 - the American National Standards Institute Building Codes) but if you want to add the NOAH seal to your build, there is an additional fee for the inspection process that NOAH will perform on your home. We recommend NOAH Certification as it increases your options on where you can place your Tiny Home and also helps to maintain a higher resale value for your home if you decide to sell it. NOAH will inspect your home at 5 different stages of construction and will keep videos of the inspections on file on their website. Potential buyers can view these video inspections to see the high quality of the build and to verify that everything was built to NOAH's high standards. NOAH also certifies Tiny House Shells (RVIA will not certify a partial build.) For a shell, NOAH will perform some of the inspections with Indigo River during our portion of the build. Once you take over construction, you will contact NOAH to perform the remaining inspections at your location. More info on NOAH's website:
  • How much do your homes cost? Why do they cost more than an RV or Park Model Factory Built Home?
    Indigo River tiny homes on wheels are built like "regular homes” plus they have additional structural reinforcements so they hold up to the stress of being moved and they withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily living. RVs are made for occasional weekend use for camping & vacations. They are built to be moved often, but they are not made to be lived in full time so they deteriorate more quickly with heavy usage. Factory Built Park Models are usually built like "single wide" mobile homes you would see in a "trailer park. The materials & building practices used in these homes are lower quality and not as structurally sound. They are built to be moved only once during the lifetime of the home - from the factory to your land. They are also built on single wide mobile home trailers which are made to stay put once the home is placed - not made for the wear and tear of traveling. This is why these homes often have a large porch. This brings the interior square footage down to 399 sq. ft. (Under 400 sq. ft. is the legal definition of a tiny home.) Our Homes: In contrast Indigo River builds on the highest quality, most heavy duty, structurally reinforced, custom tiny house trailers available in the U.S. and we use the strongest building materials & longest lasting construction practices known in the building sciences to build on those trailers. Our homes are craftsman quality & custom built to order so the price reflects the durability & longevity of our product. If you're planning to move more often than once a year, we recommend upgrading to our Structural Insulated Panels which provide the sturdiest structures available with current technology. We NEVER sacrifice quality by rushing the process or cutting comers on materials. The hyper-inflation of building materials is an unfortunate side effect of recent events, but we will continue to use high-quality, long-lasting components even if they cost more. ESTIMATES: Click on the link below to choose from our most popular sizes, floor plans & customizations for an estimate of what your Move-In-Ready home will cost: Design Yours Click on this link to request an estimate for a Tiny House Shell that you complete yourself: DIY Shell Estimate Request On these forms you can request a Free Phone Consult with a Tiny Home Specialist or a Design Appointment with Indigo River's Lead Builder & Designer. If you check one of these boxes, we will get back with you to schedule your consultation. After submitting the above forms, you will also receive a document titled "Everything you need to know about building with Indigo River." Please check spam if you don't see this email in your inbox within a few minutes of clicking submit. **We are NOT a manufactured home factory building "single wides." We do NOT use mobile home quality materials or mobile home building practices that are common with factory-built homes.
  • When will prices go back down to pre-covid levels?
    With all things considered in our current world we do NOT expect to see materials prices going down significantly any time soon. Unfortunately costs just keep rising, so if you wait to place your tiny home order, the price is more likely to be higher rather than lower. Even when lumber prices take a dip, other materials like steel or windows are still going up so overall home prices are continuing to go up each month. Hyper-inflation isn't skipping over the tiny home construction industry. We've seen some materials increase by 300%-500%! Historically speaking the inflation we've see during similar economic crises does not return to pre-crisis levels. We hope & pray that we are wrong about this, but at the moment, we expect the current inflation to follow historical trends and continue to increase.
  • How can I finance a Tiny Home?
    We currently know of several lenders approving Tiny Home loans. You can get more information and apply online by clicking on the FINANCING tab of our website. The Financing Page also has tips for approaching your favorite bank or credit union about a Tiny House Loan. And there is a link to our class Financial Prep for Tiny Home Ownership.
  • Can you build custom tiny home designs?
    YES! We are a fully custom homebuilder so we can build anything the customer orders (that fits in the foot-print of the home). The only exception is that we don't build homes with "slide-outs." To get a general idea of our pricing for various sizes of tiny homes, visit our Tiny Home Planing Tool which includes a Pricing Calculator. You can put information on your customizations in the notes section of that form and we will get back with you to schedule a time to discuss your project. If you want to email us plans or drawings for the home you'd like to build, Contact US to begin the conversation. We also recommend visiting our Pricing Calculator to get a general idea on pricing for the size home you are considering.
  • What size houses do you offer?
    We are a custom builder so we can build a home any size under 400 square feet. If you are wanting a Tiny Home delivered on skids and placed on your prepared foundation, contact us to discuss your project and the size you are needing to fit your space. For Tiny Homes on Wheels the sizes are as follows to allow for optimal travel. Width: For Tiny Home RVs we build in 2 widths: 8'6" & 10'4" wide so they are easily towable. Length: Our homes generally come in 4' increments from 12' up to 43' long. We offer the following length homes built on a bumper-pull trailer: 12' 16' 20' 24' 28' 32' 36' or 40' long. We can also add bump-outs to extend the length by a couple feet on each end. You can also upgrade to a Gooseneck trailer extension on the 20' - 36' long base which adds 7' to each length above, so generally the maximum length that we build is 43'. Once a customer asked for an extended Gooseneck so that home was a total of 44' long. Height: Generally we build to 13.5' tall (measured from the ground to the roof's peak) to maximize interior height and still be road-legal. Our IndigoGo Model is built for more frequent travel so it is a bit shorter at 10.5' - 11' tall.
  • Can I make changes to the floor plans on your website? Will you build from plans I already have?
    YES! We are a totally custom home builder. We have standard features that are included in our base prices, but we've never built the exact same house twice. Each home reflects the lifestyle & unique needs of its owner as well as their aesthetic tastes & values. You can begin the process of designing your home with Indigo River by clicking here: Tiny Home Planning Tool & Pricing Calculator For a more personalized floor plan and a more precise quote, you can make a design appointment with our lead Designer & Builder and Indigo River's Founder, Peter Huggler. The 2D Floor Plans that Peter designs for you are yours to keep. (Both a digital & hard copy.) He will design for your personal priorities & lifestyle, balanced with important structural & technical considerations. This ensures your home designs will maximize ideal function as well as durability. You can take these custom floor plans to another builder or if you decide to build with Indigo River, we will deduct the design fees already paid from your overall home price. The Floor Plan Design Consult is $450 and usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours. You will receive your floor plan at the end of your appointment. Over the following week, Peter will use your designs to create a personalized estimate for building your home with all of the features and finishes you chose at your consult. To get on Peter's schedule please fill out the Tiny Home Planning Tool and select Schedule a Floor Plan Design Appointment under NEXT STEPS. If you already have some plans that you would like for us to build, Contact Us to begin discussing your project.
  • Can I order a Tiny House Shell that I complete myself?
    Yes we offer Do It Yourself Shells. To see the shell sizes & options and/or to request a pricing estimate click here: DIY Shell Estimate Request
  • How long does it take to build a home with Indigo River? What is the process like?
    Currently, a move-in-ready home is estimated to take 7-9 months from the down payment to completion. A shell could be completed in 5-7 months depending on the level of finish out you desire. Once you make your down payment we will order your custom built Tiny House Trailer which takes 6-10 weeks to be built and delivered. While we are waiting for your trailer we will finalize your 3D elevations & materials schedule so we can order your windows, doors and other custom components of your home. When your trailer foundation arrives we will begin building the basic structure of the home: framing, sheathing, roofing, siding, insulation, sub­ floor, plumbing & electrical lines, etc. We will complete as much as possible while we wait for the windows to arrive and once they are installed we can then complete the exterior trim and get the home “dried in" and painted. (We build inside a warehouse so your home will stay dry the whole time.) Next we will turn to the interior: Framing out the floor plan (if it wasn't done while we were waiting on windows) and installing wall boards and flooring. We always paint the bathroom to seal against water damage and if you ordered more interior paint we will get started on that as well. The bathroom & kitchen components will be installed including custom cabinetry built specifically to fit your home. More paint usually follows and then we will install the lights, switches and electrical outlets. We will continue to work on the final details and finishing touches including thorough systems testing so everything is operational and ready for delivery. Throughout this entire process, Indigo River will provide you with regular updates including photos of the build showing the progress made. If you are local, you can also stop by periodically to walk through the home to see the progress and discuss any concerns with our team. Sometimes we do “facetime walk-throughs” for our out-of-town customers if we are needing to touch base on the project. Once your home is complete we will meet with you to walk through it together, go over our delivery checklist & maintenance instructions, and sign any necessary paperwork. Although this CAN be done remotely for out-of-town customers, we highly recommend that you come to Dallas for this final walk-through if at all possible. Indigo River works very hard to stay on schedule, but sometimes the build is delayed by circumstances beyond our control. In some cases we can be flexible and substitute materials or create work-arounds, but we WILL NOT sacrifice quality in order to meet a deadline. If we have to wait a few extra weeks for the right materials to finish your home, we know that is a small, short-term price to pay for the long-term benefits of doing the job right the first time. Our #1 goal is to build the highest quality tiny home on wheels in the industry and to deliver a sound & durable product to you that will keep you safe & comfortable for many decades to come. We promise the wait will be worth it!
  • What kind of vehicle do I need to tow my tiny house?
    We recommend that you first check the towing capacity of your vehicle to see how much weight it can handle. With that in mind a standard pickup like an F150 or C1500 might be able to pull a 16' trailer but it would have a hard time pulling a 20' trailer, even if it says it can handle the towing capacity. Don't forget, these things have a lot of surface area and therefore wind resistance. We highly recommend you use a diesel 3/4 ton truck (F250, C2500, or the equivalent) to pull our 20' & 24' houses. You'll probably want to upgrade to a 1 ton truck (F350, C3500, or equivalent) for the 28' & 32' models.
  • Do you deliver?
    Delivery by Indigo River within 50-200 miles of our shop is available for an additional charge. (Distance & delivery date depends on driver availability at the time your home is finished.) Sometimes we can connect to utilities for an additional fee. For anchoring & skirting, contact tiny or mobile home companies local to the placement of your new home. For longer trips we have information on a few long-haul companies & more helpful info on Transporting a Tiny Home on Wheels at the following link:
  • Can your homes be delivered outside of Texas?
    Our homes can be delivered to all 50 U.S. States. 🚩 Our homes on wheels are RVIA certified - the standard for RV's - so they can travel anywhere in the US that the road conditions allow. 🚩 Our homes delivered on skids are certified differently but they are also built to pass over most modern roadways. (Check for low hanging branches en route to your property and the width of any gates or dirt/gravel road ways.) Here's some more helpful info on Transporting a Tiny Home: Our homes can also be delivered to other countries but you have to research the taxes & other regulations regarding the importation of your home. The RVIA certification puts our homes in the same legal classification as an RV, so the same rules that apply to RV's should apply to our homes. Some of our international customers prefer to purchase our building plans and have a local builder re-create one of our designs. Plans for a home we've already built start at $249 and custom plans from scratch start at $450.
  • Can you build a Tiny Home on a foundation on my property?
    We can build a Tiny Home in our shop and deliver it (or have it delivered) to your property on skids. There it can be placed on your foundation and connected to on-site utilities or set up for off-grid operation. The costs for on-site building as well as construction time-lines have risen along with everything else lately, so generally a home on wheels or a tiny home delivered on skids will be more cost effective and take less time from order to completion. There are many "modular units" out there that can be delivered and set up on your property. Indigo River builds craftsman quality homes, so if you want a custom home with high-grade materials & finishes that will last for many decades to come, Indigo River can help! Building in our shop & delivering the home on skids generally saves $10,000 to $20,000 on the over-all price of our homes since we don't have to purchase a custom Tiny Home Trailer. However, depending on your property, you could spend $4000 - $50,000 on preparing the foundation to accept your Tiny Home. If you need assistance with site prep, we offer various levels of support from phone and email consults to help you find & vet local contractors, or if your property is within 25 miles of our workshop, we can offer on-site assistance as well. (Our shop is currently located at 10863 Rockwall Road, Dallas 75238.) If the site prep or bringing utilities to the property proves to be too expensive or daunting, you can opt for one of our homes on wheels - built with off-grid capabilities if necessary - and do things like take the wheels off or build a deck around the home which hides the wheels perfectly and makes it look like a permanent cottage, cabin or pool house. Our standard utilities are "RV Hook Ups" with a 50 amp electrical connection and RV style fresh, black and gray water connections. This is usually the least expensive way to tie a tiny home into existing utilites at the property. Off-grid capabilities can be added to our homes as an upgrade.
  • Can you go off-grid in an Indigo River Tiny Home?
    Our standard models are designed to be 100% grid-tied. They come standard with 50-Amp RV power connection, city water connection, and RV sewer line connection. Off-grid options such as water holding tanks and solar power are available for an additional price.
  • Where can I see an Indigo River Tiny Home?
    You can see the homes we currently have on hand by appointment. Email us to set up a time. Check out our community page for upcoming showings and stop by our new office to see one of our display models. - 10863 Rockwall Rd. Dallas, TX 75228
  • What are the standard features for your homes?
    IRTH Move-In-Ready Tiny Home Standard Features We also offer hundreds of upgrades so if there is something you would like to add to your home, just ask. The only feature we don't do is slide-outs. Non-motorized towable Travel Trailer. Custom built for Tiny House construction with built-in features for extra strength, durability and a firm foundation 4 Built-In Stabilizing Jacks (NOT scissor jacks) 4 Built-In D-rings for ease of anchoring 2 x 4 construction with hurricane clips Spray foam insulation: R-19 in the floor & R-13 in the walls & ceiling Structural OSB sheathing Smartside composite wood siding with standard exterior paint package Energy efficient vinyl white window package with Low-e and Argon gas Fiberglass outswing door Single slope, steel roof (many colors available) 8 foot tall exterior storage closet with built-in shelving Mini-split HVAC and heat pump Full bathroom with full size soaking-depth tub or corner shower and acrylic surround. 24" bathroom sink vanity, flush or RV toilet, ventilation fan to exterior and painted walls to protect against water vapor damage 10 cubic foot apartment-sized refrigerator Choice of 28" stainless steel sink or 24" farmhouse sink Pine plank or birch plywood interior walls (unpainted) Smartcore Ultra waterproof vinyl plank flooring (many colors available) LED lighting throughout the home - flush mount lights in the ceiling or catwalk Electrical outlets throughout the home Ceiling fan & built-in ventilation considerations included in home design 1 wardrobe with hanging space & drawers 1 interior pocket door Built to ANSI A119.5 standards and RVIA Certified (NOAH certification available upon request)
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