THE entertainer


28' Entertainer Floor Plan - Two Stand Up Bedrooms, a spacious bathroom + generous common areas make this layout perfect for adult guests or roommates.


32’ Entertainer Floor Plan - Double Stand Up Lofts mirror each other on either end of this THOW. Under one loft is a spacious bathroom & under the other loft is a cozy Living Area. Upgrades include French Doors, Quartz Counter Tops, Bedroom Skylight, Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall, and a BALCONY!

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Stand-Up Loft
Makes Sleeping & Dressing Easy!

 No more crawling to bed on hands and knees! Our Stand-Up Lofts accommodate those 6'4" & shorter.
Stand up beside your bed and by your wardrobe to get dressed in comfort.

The Deluxe upgrade gives you an L shaped landing to access 2 sides of the bed, an extra wardrobe, extra window + window seat with storage PLUS an extra 4' x 9.5' exterior storage space under the landing.

Start with a 32' trailer to accommodate the Deluxe upgrade on one of the Stand-Up Lofts.