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"We absolutely loved our experience with Indigo River Tiny Homes! Peter, his family and his employees are wonderful. We got everything we asked for and they made themselves available to help us with settling into our tiny home and answering the numerous questions we had after we took delivery. We had a slight issue with our mini split dripping water and Peter quickly sent an A/C tech out to us who fixed the issue. Thank you Indigo River!" - Janessa H.

Tiny House
& Calculator

Use this form to get an estimate for a


Tiny Home on Wheels

If you would rather have a

Tiny House Shell that you finish out yourself,
click on the DIY SHELL PRICING button.

Let's Get

We are a custom home builder

so designs, finish-outs & pricing can vary greatly.


The tiny home worksheet & calculator below will give you estimates for our most popular sizes, floor plans

& options for our homes.


After submitting this form you will receive
an emailed copy of the Tiny Home choices you made plus important details about partnering with

Indigo River to make your tiny home dream a reality!

At the end of the form you can request a phone consult with a Tiny Home Specialist or an appointment with

an IRTH Designer to discuss the next steps

to reaching your Tiny Home goals.

Supply Chain Update

Before 2020 custom home construction was already an unpredictable endeavor with unexpected delays & hurdles that required patience, flexibility & creative problem solving.

Since 2020, world events have added even more variables & unknowns to the process. The supply chain as we once knew it has been decimated. 

As a result, we are experiencing extended lead times on many materials & components that go into our homes.

Some items have simply become unavailable - either temporarily or permanently - so we are continually sourcing alternatives & searching for the best available options for building the highest quality homes on wheels possible.    

We are also experiencing unprecedented HYPER-INFLATION of materials with 300% - 500% price increases on some items!

Therefore, the prices below are our best estimate and are subject to change at any time.  Similarly the estimated completion date for a custom build is subject to change unexpectedly, but we will keep you posted throughout your build with photos, budget updates & any timeline changes that become necessary.


We still LOVE building tiny homes and even as costs & timelines increase, we are committed to using the highest quality materials & trailers available so we can continue to produce Craftsman Quality Tiny Homes on Wheels for our customers.

👇 Keep Scrolling for Prices 👇

Reminder: The form below does NOT calculate Sales Tax, Tag & Title Fees or Delivery

Indigo River's homes on wheels are legally considered "Travel Trailers" or "Park Model RVs"
Texas Sales Tax on these types of vehicles is currently 6.25% and is paid once at the time of purchase.

If you will be taking your home outside of Texas, you will pay sales tax & registration in the state where your home will reside.


Click here for delivery info.

The delivery, sales tax, tag & title fees can be rolled into your loan.

Also be aware that FINANCE CHARGES & FEES are NOT included in the price below.
Financing costs will vary depending on the lender you choose and your personal credit & income situation.
Visit our FINANCING PAGE for lending options on Tiny Home RVs.

This form totals up your estimate at the bottom of this screen
~ scroll all the way down on mobile devices to view running total ~

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Standard Tiny Home : (required)

Standard Size is 8'6" Wide x 13'6" Tall (unless otherwise noted)
All homes are Road Legal, Move-In-Ready Tiny Home on Wheels
includes standard kitchen, standard bath & standard finishes.


Click for the complete list of Standard Features

in a Craftsman Quality IRTH Original Tiny Home:

Choose a Floor Plan - add an extra bedroom or office with a Gooseneck Bonus Room (required)

Click a box to see examples of each floor plan.

FloorPlan Thumbnail 1 IndigoGo.png
FloorPlan Thumbnail 4 Homesteader_edited
FloorPlan Thumbnail 2 Pioneer_edited.jpg
FloorPlan Thumbnail 5 Entertainer_edited
FloorPlan Thumbnail 3 Rambler_edited.jpg
FloorPlan Thumbnail 6 Bunkhouse.png

Gooseneck Upgrade includes an extra room 7' - 8' long & as wide as the house. Prices include storage stairs and 2 windows.
Can be used for additional stand up bedroom, dedicated office or studio space, living room etc.

add a Gooseneck Bonus Room? (required)
Deluxe Loft/Storage Upgrade: (not required)

Stand up beside 1 side of bed in loft or downstairs bedroom. Includes 1 full-size wardrobe.

Deluxe - Split Level Loft

Deluxe Loft = L shaped landing - stand up on 2 sides of bed, with extra wardrobe + extra window & window seat. Additional exterior storage "bike shed" under the extra landing space.

10ft Wide Option: (not required)

SIPs: Structural Insulated Panels
This upgrade increases frame strength by 3x-5x, increases insulation R-values & reduces total weight by about 10%

We strongly recommend SIPs if you plan to move your home once a year or more.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of SIPs.

Traveler's Package: SIPs Upgrade (not required)
Roof Line: (required)
Single Slope roof

Single Slope roof

Gable roof

Gable roof



Exterior: (select all that apply)
Windows: (select all that apply)
Entry Doors: (select all that apply)
Flooring: (required)
Interior: (select all that apply)
Cabinets / Storage: (select all that apply)

*Cushions Not Included

Countertop: (required)
Sink: (required)
Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink

Refrigerator: (required)
Installed Appliances & Connections: (select all that apply)
Bathroom Door: (required)
Bathroom Options: (select all that apply)

Customer provides water storage container at home's parking site

Off-Grid Options (not required)
Toilet: (required)
Financing (required)
Next Step (please choose ONE)
Preferred Method of Contact (required)

Please check your SPAM folder for the email we just sent to you.
A human will also email you within a few business days to set up
any appointments you requested.

Click SUBMIT to receive an email with 
an itemized copy of this estimate PLUS the document titled:
"Everything you need to know about building with Indigo River."

Check spam if you don't see this email right away.

~ - ~ - ~

❤️ Team IRTH ❤️


Use your estimate to explore financing options! 


We have some banks listed on our FINANCING page
that are already familiar with
Tiny Home loans.

See their terms and rates at this link:

You can also use the lender of your choice. 
Our homes are registered as travel trailers with a license plate & VIN

so an RV loan or a personal loan are options. 

Most banks generally don't have a category of loans for "Tiny Homes"
so when approaching your bank, just let them know that it's a

"luxury travel trailer" more in the price range of an Air Stream travel trailer. 

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