"We absolutely loved our experience with Indigo River Tiny Homes! Peter, his family and his employees are wonderful. We got everything we asked for and they made themselves available to help us with settling into our tiny home and answering the numerous questions we had after we took delivery. We had a slight issue with our mini split dripping water and Peter quickly sent an A/C tech out to us who fixed the issue. Thank you Indigo River!" - Janessa H.

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We are a custom home builder so pricing,* designs & finish-outs can vary greatly. The planning worksheet & calculator below will give you an estimate for our most popular sizes, floor plans & options for our 

Move-In-Ready Tiny Homes on Wheels.


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Covid-19 Update

Unfortunately world events have wreaked havoc on the building industry supply chain.

Since 2020, we have been experiencing extended lead times on almost all items & materials that go into our homes. We have also seen unprecidented HYPER-INFLATION of materials prices, with over 400% price increases on some items!

Therefore, the prices below are our best estimate and are subject to change at any time.  

Lead times have also been affected, so we are currently estimating 9 months from the time you place your order & down payment to the completion of your home.


We still love building tiny houses and we will continue to source the highest quality materials & trailers so that we can continue to produce Craftsman Quality Homes on Wheels!


Reminder: The form below does NOT calculate Sales Tax, Tag & Title Fees or Delivery

You can pick up your home for no charge.
Indigo River delivers within a 3 hour range of our shop.
Further than that you can hire long haul companies that deliver Tiny Homes.

Indigo River's homes on wheels are legally considered "Travel Trailers"

Texas Sales Tax on these types of vehicles is currently 6.25% and is paid once at the time of purchase.
In most localities annual property taxes will NOT be assessed for our homes because they are on wheels

& they are not a "permanent improvement" to the property.

The delivery, sales tax, tag & title can usually be rolled into your loan.

Also be aware that FINANCE CHARGES & FEES are NOT included in the price below.
Financing costs will vary depending on the lender you choose and your personal credit & income situation.
Our FINANCING PAGE has more information about lending options for Tiny Homes. 

*This form provides an estimate of pricing at the bottom of this screen
(scroll all the way down on mobile devices). 


Prices are subject to change without notice.
We just received notice that trailers and windows are going up AGAIN 😫 and that's not reflected in these prices so until our web guy can update the calculator you should

add 5-10% to the total you get here.

Home Length : (required)

Move-in-Ready Tiny Home on Wheels includes kitchen, bath and basic finishes - no lofts.

8'6" Wide x 13'6" Tall - Road Legal

Move-in-Ready Floor Plan: (required)
Indigo River Tiny Homes Pioneer Floor Plan
Indigo River Tiny Homes Homesteader Floor Plan
Indigo River Tiny Homes Entertainer Floor Plan Double Split Level
Indigo River Tiny Homes Indigo Go! Floor Plan
Indigo River Tiny Homes Rambler Floor Plan
Indigo River Tiny Homes Bunkhouse Floor Plan

Click on a floor plan image above to see more examples.

Gooseneck Upgrade includes 7' long room built over hitch with storage stairs and 2 windows.
Can be used for stand up bedroom, dedicated office/studio space, living room etc.

Gooseneck Bonus Room: (required)
Deluxe Loft/Storage Upgrade: (not required)

Stand up beside 1 side of bed in loft or downstairs bedroom. Includes 1 full-size wardrobe.

Wrap around landing to stand up beside 2 sides of bed, with additional exterior storage & extra wardrobes + optional window seat 

Deluxe - Split Level Loft
10ft Wide Option: (not required)

Built with Structural Insulated Panels: reduces weight ~ 10%

Lightweight Upgrade: (not required)
Roof Line: (required)
Single Slope roof

Single Slope roof

Gable roof

Gable roof



Exterior: (select all that apply)
Windows: (select all that apply)
Entry Doors: (select all that apply)
Flooring: (required)
Interior: (select all that apply)
Cabinets / Storage: (select all that apply)

*Cushions Not Included

Countertop: (required)
Sink: (required)
Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink

Refrigerator: (required)
Installed Appliances & Connections: (select all that apply)
Bathroom Door: (required)
Bathroom Options: (select all that apply)
Off-grid Options: (not required)

Customer provides water storage container at home's parking site

Toilet: (required)
Financing (required)
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Use your estimate to explore financing options! 


We have some banks listed on our FINANCING page
that are already familiar with
Tiny Home loans.

See their terms and rates here:

You can also use the lender of your choice. 
Our homes are registered as travel trailers with a license plate & VIN

so an RV loan or a personal loan are options. 

Most banks generally don't have a category of loans for "Tiny Homes"
so when approaching your bank, just let them know that it's a

"luxury travel trailer" more in the price range of an Air Stream. 

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