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Tiny Home Transport, Delivery & Installation

Indigo River's Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs) are all towable across the United States and across borders or to shipping ports. Homeowner is responsible for applicable taxes.

Our homes are RVIA certified & they are legally classified as

"Travel Trailers" or "Park Model RVs" with a license plate & VIN.


DIY Transport, Delivery & Installation

You can pick up your completed Indigo River Home free of charge.

We recommend a 1 ton pick-up or equivalent. Some of our smaller homes can be moved with a 3/4 ton truck. Enterprise's Commercial Division has these size trucks for rent.

The 8.5' wide homes can be driven by anyone with a regular driver's license.

The 10'4" homes require a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), a Dept. of Transportation Number (DOT#), an oversize load sign & a permit for any state that you'll be driving in or through. Generally these state permits are inexpensive & easy to obtain with a phone call to the state's Dept. of Transportation. NO lead/follow vehicles are required for any of our homes.

Easy installation for those familiar with RV living.

All of our homes come with standard RV Hook-Ups for water, sewer & 50 amp electric or off-grid upgrades. They have heavy duty leveling jacks so the leveling & utilities hook-up process is similar to traditional RVs or travel trailers. When you do the final walk-through of your completed home, we will show you how the utilities hook-ups work and address any special concerns about the utilities installation at your planned destination.


Professional Transport Services

Indigo River can transport Tiny Homes within one hour of our shop in N.E. Dallas for an additional fee. If your home needs to go further, we've gathered information from the following transport companies* to help you get quotes for moving your THOW.

*This list was compiled in mid-2022 & may have incomplete or inaccurate information. This list should NOT be considered an endorsement or recommendation from Indigo River. As of 2022 all of these companies were licensed & insured, but please independently vet any transport company you are considering.

One Call Logistics
(386) 227-5066 (Julia Olascoaga)
Member of THIA (Tiny House Industry Association)
10% discount - mention referral by Indigo River
Coast To Coast Transportation
(844) 292-2153 & (844) 209-9859
Tiny House Delivery Company
Instagram:  @tinyhousedeliveryco  
RV, Cars, and Freight Movers
(561) 257-6637 (Damian Perez)
Texas Mobile and Modular Specialist Inc.
972-557-8000 (Brittany Hammer)
We Will Transport It 
800-677-1196 (Dublin)


Professional Delivery & Installation

Some of the above companies can level your home upon arrival, but often you will need to hire a local handy man or Tiny Home or Mobile Home Company to level, anchor or skirt your home. They can also help with utilities hook-ups.

Check your local Tiny Home enthusiast group for recommendations on local companies or individuals that can install your home.


More about Tiny Homes:

Tiny Home Tours, Classes & Workshops


Explore Building with Indigo River

Use IRTH's Tiny Home Planning Tool to:

  • Peruse PRICES, OPTIONS & our most popular UPGRADES to determine your budget

  • Receive an EMAILED QUOTE + Everything You Need to Know about Building with Indigo River

  • Request a FREE PHONE CONSULT with an IRTH Tiny Home Specialist

  • Schedule a FLOOR PLAN DESIGN APPOINTMENT with IRTH's Designer & Lead Builder


Financing is available through

The Banks found on our


move-in-Ready THOWs

currently for sale:


Want to try out a Tiny Home

before you buy?

Book an Air Bnb stay in one of Indigo River's homes in DFW or out by the lake near Corsicana!


in an Indigo River home by the Lake! Make a donation to Operation Tiny House DFW to enter the raffle.

Second prize is dinner in a THOW at the OTH Ranch.





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