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Indigo River is now RVIA certified

Updated: Jan 29

After an extensive certification process with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) we are now an RVIA certified builder!

What does this mean for YOU?

Easier financing! Whether you use one of our approved financing lenders or decide to go with your own lender (bank), getting your loan approved should be easier. RVIA is the certification that all RV trailer manufacturers have and almost all banks will give a Recreational Vehicle (RV Trailer) loan. So now, our tiny houses meet those same standards of manufacturing.

When you are applying for a Recreational Vehicle loan ask (your bank) for a Recreational Vehicle loan. Usually, RV loans are easier to get approved for than a traditional home loan. Also the duration (length) and monthly payments are sometime different than a traditional loan.

For more information on financing a Tiny Home click here.

Easier parking!

Many RV parks & Tiny Home Villages require RVIA certification and even if they don't require it, the RVIA seal helps to quickly tell potential landlords that your IRTH home is legally treated the same as a conventional Travel Trailer RV.

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