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5 Books You Should Read Before Going Tiny

Once you make the decision to jump in and go tiny, you might find yourself incredibly overwhelmed. Where do you start? There's just so much information out there, it's easy to get lost. But here at Indigo River Tiny Homes, we have you covered! Check out these five books as a starting point for your tiny lifestyle.

Marie Kondo’s books is probably one you should read even if you are not moving into a tiny home. Kondo explains why everything we know about being organized and tiny is all wrong. (Sorry, Mom!) She has spent years helping people in Japan and around the world surround themselves with less clutter. The Kon-Mari method, so named for the author, is all about surrounding yourself with only things that bring you joy. She even has a way to help you downsize all those papers and keepsakes stuffed in your closets. If you want to successfully cut your belongings to a reasonable amount and learn how to stay organized, this quick read is a must.

After you Kon-Mari your home and are surrounded only by things that bring you joy, it’s a good idea to read something specific to tiny living. Joshua and Shelley Engberg’s book has nearly 4.5 stars on Amazon, because it’s not just about downsizing. They talk about maintaining a healthy, happy relationship in way less square footage. They highlight how to live tiny with pets. And they have tons of great tips for organizing and entertaining! Do yourself a favor and download it on Kindle to start saving space!

Whatever your reasons for moving into a tiny home may be, chances are you want to live a more meaningful life. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus both had six-figure jobs yet still lived paycheck-to-paycheck. And most importantly, they were not happy. This book is more than just a how-to guide to get rid of excess. It’s a book about finding happiness through the minimalist philosophy. These guys are inspiring, and you’ll love their story. It’s an easy read, as they wrote the book with a minimalist approach, too!

The minimalism guys aren’t the only ones who know how to live a meaningful life. Michael Blue writes this memoir with hilarity and honesty. He left his unfulfilling job to live in a van and travel the world. While your tiny home is going to be bigger than a van, his stories of choosing an intentional life with resonate with you and inspire you. You’ll meet a lot of characters in the tiny home world, so laugh along with Blue as he describes how to get out of the rat race and live the life you want.

Is living tiny just one step of recreating your intentional life? Then you must read Sharon Rowe’s book about tiny business, which is all about building a business that you love with laser focus and no debt. She takes all those classic entrepreneurial ideas about making a fortune and breaks them into something inspiring and actionable. Rowe believes in putting family first and never compromising your ethics, while also maintaining financial security. Apply the tiny mindset into every aspect of your life, and live better.

What other amazing books have you read about going tiny and living an intentional life? Let us know!

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