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6 Reasons You Should Jump Aboard the Tiny House Movement

Tiny houses have been around for decades, but have been gaining mainstream traction in recent years! Never before have we seen a demand like we are now for tiny houses. Between the housing bubble, mounting student loans (as well as other debts), and a shift towards valuing minimalism and simplicity (over luxury and status), tiny houses are ready to take over! 

Here are 6 reasons why YOU should be jumping on board the Tiny House Movement TODAY!


1. Budget Friendly

According to the latest American Housing Survey from the U.S Census Bureau, the median monthly mortgage payment for homeowners is $1,030. This doesn’t include the cost of maintenance, yard work, utilities, property taxes, or any number of responsibilities homeowners needs to keep up with. In a time where many people are going back to the basics, that’s a lot of money to be putting towards accommodations

An Indigo River Tiny House, can cost you as little as $459 a month… that’s a savings of 44.56%! 

2. Environmentally Conscious A tiny house means less consumption (smaller utility bills), but also reduces your carbon footprint. Imagine building a better tomorrow for our future children and grandchildren. 

3. Custom Design

A house, whether big or small, is still an investment at the end of the day. Our models have been designed and engineered with quality, functionality, and YOU in mind! But, if you don’t like our existing models, no worries, custom design is something we encourage!

More of a DIY-er? We’ve got you covered too! Our Tiny House Shells are basically an empty box that you get to put the finishing touches on. Design the home you always dreamed of! 

4. Pick Up… and Go! 

We know there’s been a time, or two (or maybe fifty) that you’ve thought about picking up and moving or leaving everything that stresses you out behind. But what about the apartment you’re renting? Or the mortgage payment on your house? These binding commitments make picking up and leaving a lot harder. 

Life with a tiny house, means living with less restriction and more freedom! You can haul it ANYWHERE you can park a travel trailer. 

5. Low Maintenance

According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, ridding yourself of clutter eliminates 40% of housework. 

Spend less time cleaning, stop the yard work, and spend less time sifting through clutter.

Need we say more? 

6. Multi Functional

Our tiny houses are versatile and have so many uses! Use it for a permanent residence, travel, glamping, studio, home office, and more! States are getting creative and using tiny houses to help improve homelessness and accommodation struggles for teachers in Arizona (where the cost of living is high but salaries are too low for traditional housing). 

It’s no secret that as a society many of us are starting to value simplicity over status in order to live a more fulfilled life. Indigo River Tiny Houses helps makes that a reality. A small, yet quality built home has allowed many people to take life by the reigns. Making the transition can be a big (and maybe even scary) step for some, but with our team, you don’t have to do it alone! 

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