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Goodbye Summer 2023 Tiny Home Sale!

🏖 🏠 🌞

Beach scene with VW Van & surfboards. Text reads: Take $5000 off your dream tiny home on wheels plus free delivery across the contiguous USA


Time to put the surf boards away

and tackle that to-do list!

✅ Order my Tiny Home by Labor Day for $5000 off + Free Delivery

__ Find a Parking Spot

__ Declutter & Pack

__ Visit my Tiny Home in Dallas while it's being built

__ Start my new life in my brand new Tiny Home by Indigo River!

This will be our only sale in 2023,
so now's the best time to
grab your spot in our build queue!

$5000 off*

your dream

Tiny Home on Wheels


Free Delivery*

across the nation!


Check out this in-depth testimonial & tour
from a customer that took advantage of our 2022 sale.
"I still think you guys built my perfect dream home! My home becomes more an extension of my heart and authentic self every day! I’m happy to share my love of my home and the experience of building with you guys! This really has been my dream home come to life! And the community I’ve found out here is amazing! Keep building gorgeous homes that really reflect each home owner’s personality! To the best Tiny Home builder!” - Janet Newsham

  • Sale ends Labor Day 2023

  • Offer limited to the first 5 orders placed

  • First customer to place their order will receive their home by the end of 2023


Contact us now to discuss

your project


*Tiny Home Sale Details:

  • $5000 off a newly built custom home with a retail price of $150,000 or more.

  • Discount will be reduced slightly for a home under $150,000.

  • Free Delivery within the 48 contiguous US states provided by Indigo River locally or by a 3rd party shipping company for customers outside IRTH's delivery area.

  • Set Up not included. We recommend local contractors that are familiar with the soil & geological conditions of your site for: site prep, home set-up, leveling & anchoring.




Can't wait for a custom build?

Check out the move-in-ready homes currently for sale!


Try before you buy!

Book a short stay in a home built by Indigo River:


Getting ready to GO TINY?

Get a jump on your research with IRTH University Zoom Classes!

Learn how Indigo River builds
the best custom THOWs in Texas!

We host build workshops periodically and we offer paid

Tiny Home Building Apprenticeships.


Take advantage of

our once a year

Tiny Home Sale


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