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Indigo River @ The 2021 Colorado Tiny House Festivals!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We're excited to announce that we will have a home on display at BOTH of the Tiny House Festivals in Colorado this July.

👇 Scroll down to see a photo gallery of the house we'll be bringing.👇


The Colorado Tiny House Fest is the longest running and largest festival devoted to Tiny Homes in the state. This year it will be held July 10 & 11 in Brighton, CO (Denver Suburbs)


The People's Tiny House Fest is a grass-roots festival that sprung up after the Tiny House Jamboree became a thing of the past. Even though it's a newer event, they have a great selection of Tinies to tour.

This year it will be held July 17 & 18 in Loveland, CO (south of Fort Collins)


We'll have our 32'x10' Homesteader Deluxe on display at both shows. Here's a sneak preview of #IRTHome12 :

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