Tiny Hitlist: July 12th

Our friends at F.A.R.M. hired us to spruce up one of their Tiny Houses.  F.A.R.M. is a great non-profit that provides agricultural training, employment opportunities and alternative therapies to all Military Veterans. Check them out!

Hitlist item #2: New product we love 

Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker.  Tiny living often requires downsizing your much loved appliances.  This crazy cool lookin' espresso maker brews tiny yet strong coffee.

Hitlist item #3: Tiny News Boom! Another win for the tiny house community!  St. Petersburg, FL Development Review Commission just approved zoning for tiny houses. Our favorite takeaway from the article:

"The houses would replace a 1920s-era apartment building that has been condemned and is slated for demolition." 

Where some people see failure, others see opportunity.


Hitlist item #4: Quote from our co-founder "You ain't tiny, you ain't shit!" -Peter Huggler

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