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Tiny Home Debut: Avery

Updated: May 10, 2022

#IRTHome32 is a 36' HOMESTEADER FLOOR PLAN with a large built-in Dog Kennel and the Deluxe Loft/Storage upgrade. Towable Tiny Home Dimensions: 36' L x 8.5' W x 13.5' H

Click here for the list of Standard Features & Upgrades for this home! Scroll down for photos & a video of our latest addition to the #IRTHoriginal family of Tiny Homes!

For Optimal Viewing: Click on a photo & scroll

to see the entire frame of each image.

You can build this house! Purchase the plans here for our Homesteader Deluxe with the built-in dog kennel.


RSVP below for Tiny Home Tours at our shop in Dallas, Texas

or at select Tiny Home Shows. We also host build workshops every other weekend & zoom classes once a month with IRTH University.

Book a stay in one of our homes in Dallas or by the lake near Corsicana!



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