This package Includes the plans for TWO Indigo River Entertainers that are 8.5' wide & 13'5" tall. The Entertainer Floor Plan features 2 Stand-Up Lofts with all the common areas downstairs. 


Purchsing plans for homes that have been built IN REALITY ensures that you won't run into unknowns that hold up your build!

When a home is built for the first time, it inevitably turns out different from the original plans in some way. But we have worked out those kinks for you already when we built these homes in 2019 & 2020.

#IRTHome9 "Journey" a 32' Entertainer  with a balcony off one of the bedrooms. The bathroom features a soaking tub/shower combo. Both stand-up lofts have built-in shelves & full-height wardrobes.

#IRTHome13 "Breathless" a 28' Entertainer Bathroom has a square shower stall and a Larger vanity than our usual size. Both stand-up lofts have full height wardrobes. 


This set of plans includes: 

  • Our lead builder/designer's contact info for a quick call or email if you have questions

    The following files for 2 THOWs:
    #IRTHome9 and #IRTHome16
  • 2D Floor Plan with dimensions for placement of all Interior Features & Window Placement
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Spread sheet file with check list for complete Materials & Components List
  • Building Check List
  • Budget spread sheet
  • Framing Plans for the Exterior Walls & Roof Trusses
  • Framing Plans for the Interior Walls & Stand Up Loft
  • "Cut Sheet" spread sheet file with the amount of lumber needed & the measurements for cutting the lumber before you begin assembling the framing
  • Dimensions for building the Storage Staircase, Built-in Wardrobes, Window Seat & Kitchen Cabinets
  • Trailer specs (not drawings) that you can give to any experienced Tiny House Trailer manufacturer.

This purchase includes everything in the plans that Indigo River uses to guide our builds. We add Plumbing & Electrical after the shell is built by measuring & marking off the locations for outlets & fixtures on the actual shell so we usually don't draw plans for these aspects.


We recommend hiring a licensed plumber & electrician to install these components once the shell is completed.

(Most experienced plumbers & electricians will have their own ways of running the pipes & wiring so you probably won't need drawings for plumbing & electrical if you are using a professional sub-contractor.)


Optional Add-Ons:

If your plumber or electrician wants drawings for these aspects you can purchase 3 extra sets of drawings as an add-on for $299

~ Fresh water inlet & lines

~ Sewage lines & grey/black water drain placement

~ Electrical Placement for all outlets, ceiling & wall mount lights, light switches and appliances including combo Washer/Dryer hook ups


All of the above files come in PDF format or in Excel Spread Sheet files.

If you want the SketchUp files that can be modified, we can include those for $199.


Purchasing a Tiny House Trailer:

If possible, we recommend sticking with trailer companies that have built tiny home trailers before so you won't need any trailer drawings when you buy from them. With an experienced tiny home trailer manufacturer, you can just give them the trailer specifications that come with the basic sets of plans. (See above)


If you want to use a trailer manufacturer that is new to tiny home trailers, we recommend giving them some drawings so they know the exact fortifications that need to be made - compared to the utility type trailers most manufacturers are familiar with building. (Don't build on used RV trailers or utility trailers as they do not have a high enough weight rating for a well-built Tiny Home.)


If you need trailer drawings we have those available for $249.


We use a couple of different Tiny Home Trailer Manufacturers & when you order through us, you can save 3% on your trailer cost + reduce your delivery costs if you pick up your trailer from our shop in Dallas.


This is usually a $1000 - $1500 discount depending on the size of your trailer.

Contact us if you have any questions before you purchase
or if you need any of the add ons above. 

Thanks for supporting a Veteran owned & family operated small business!

2 Entertainers: 28' & 32' long